Meet Maureen Feeney

Maureen Feeney, RN, BSN, M.Om., L.Ac., has 20 years of experience as a registered nurse. During her tenure, she cared for patients in long-term care, telemetry, intensive care and interventional radiology.

An Omaha native, she traveled the United States serving patients of various socio-economical backgrounds, educational levels, ethnic groups, and religious/spiritual belief systems.

In 2005, Maureen had her first experience with acupuncture. Intrigued with the results, she initiated further study of Eastern Medicine. As her investigation progressed, Maureen noticed a need for bridging the gap between Western and Eastern Medicine. She completed her degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota in 2011 and practiced there while she prepared for her return to her home in Omaha.

Maureen opened River Point Acupuncture with a goal to provide the Omaha/Metro Area with the highest quality of acupuncture available. She hopes to educate others on the extraordinary benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, while bridging the gap between Western and Eastern medical philosophies.

Maureen believes active listening is one of the most important elements of patient care. She understands that each person is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Maureen works with each patient to create a plan to re-balance the system through nutrition, lifestyle, acupuncture and herbs. She believes in joining Western and Chinese Medicine to provide the highest quality of care possible.



Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Master in Oriental Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist